Left Align

For many years during the early 2000s, Loud Orange Cat Productions was an up and coming microbudget video production company whose intent was to create and entertain, created by Robert Yannetta.

In May 2006, that dream came to an abrupt halt when Rob was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. In the hospital for an unrelated issue, a scan showed an extremely large tumor on his small colon, dangerously close to his spine. His doctor told him that if it wasn't removed immediately, he'd be dead in two weeks. After a successful removal of the tumor and a foot of his small intestine, more cancer was found in his body. It had moved to multiple places in his liver, and recently, to his lungs. After 6+ years of treatments, more surgeries and chemotherapy, nothing was able to cure him of this rare form of cancer.

Even though there's not much time left for him, he's determined to make one more film. Follow him on his website or his Twitter account as he discusses his progress with it (and speaks his mind frequently).


Everyone asks, so here's where we'll address it. If you ask politely, Rob will be more than happy to sign and/or notate your copy of his many books for free. Rob has personally shipped autographed copies of his books to all 50 states, around the world to the U.K., Japan and US military bases all over the country and even to South Korea! Please forgive Rob if he doesn't answer every DM and IM in a timely fashion, but he'll eventually get through them all. He loves talking to fans. And, most of the time, you can find him on Skype.

Rob's Golden Ratio Film Matte

In mathematics and the arts, two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. Many 20th century artists and architects have proportioned their works to approximate the golden ratio especially in the form of the golden rectangle, in which the ratio of the longer side to the shorter is the golden ratio believing this proportion to be considered "the most aesthetically pleasing" aspect ratio in the world. So, I created a 1920x1080 film matte that gives you the aspect ratio of the true golden ratio. I'm giving it to you freely. Here's the DOWNLOAD LINK. Let me know if you use this in a project, I'd love to see it.