How to check Safeway schedule

Safeway Inc. is an American supermarket whose logo with “S” and inside it “Ingredients for life” slogan of company is observed.

How to check Safeway schedule

It was founded more than 100 years ago in Aril, 1915, in Idaho. The headquarter office is located at California, United States. Actually, the slogan is changed as ‘Drive the Safeway, buy the Safeway’ from the original slogan.

From 2015 to till date the company’s CEO is Robert Gerald Miller. More than 1340 stores in United States and in Mexico there are 195 stores under the name ‘Safeway’. There are about 250,000 associates are working in company.

The supermarket having the variety of products like Bakery, Dairy, Dry cleaning, Grocery, Lottery, Snack food, Liquor etc. Some other product units are also under the control of Safeway such as Pharmacy store, Photographic processing unit, western union, fuel, frozen fruits etc.

Business schedule of Safeway:

The regular work of supermarket is scheduled between the span of 9.00 am of morning till 20.00 pm of night. This working schedule is same from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, the restaurant opens on regular time but closes on 17.00 pm.

Most of Safeway restaurants opens for 24 hrs. no closing is time is available for them. But before a visit, customers have to check schedule of restaurant service.

Schedule of supermarket on holidays:

All the government offices and institutes are closed on the national holidays or public holidays. The holidays are like Columbus Day, Labour day, Easter Monday, Cinco de Mayo, Good Friday, Tax Day, Black Friday etc. the service is running with regular working hours.

On Christmas day, Thanksgiving Day and Easter day, the super market is closed. The operating and holidays hours’ time is based on the location of the supermarket.

Hiring limitations:

If you want to work in this supermarket, them you should be over 14 years. But only few positions are available for this age group. Whereas for Manager or some specialized role of supermarket team, the employee is hired who is between age ranges from 18 to 21. You are able to find out about current vacancies through official website.

Pay scale of supermarket:

The grocery clerk of store paid with an average salary of $12 which ranges between $9 to $23. The Safeway supermarket gives some discount offers as 10 percent discount on purchased items by employees of supermarket.

The night stocker is able to get basic salary of $22,444. Some extra bonuses and additional compensations are added into the annual salary of employee.

The overtime facility is also available in this supermarket. If employee work for double shifts or some extra time then he or she is able to get additional pay.

The hourly pay for employees of store ranges from $9.00 to $22.00 per hour and an average salary is given as $11.94 per hour. Three personal holidays per year is given for employee if he or she is in continue of 1-year service in supermarket.

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Safeway Inc has not only supermarket department, various subsidiaries are under its control. The employees who are working in Pharmacy store of Safeway then they gets benefits as health check-up.

What is the foil shaver used for

What is the foil shaver used for

Foil electric shavers have straight heads that utilization swaying edges, otherwise called cutters, underneath a ‘foil’ to trim hair. Foil alludes to the flimsy layer of metal, holed to shape a specific work design, that covers the cutters.What is the foil shaver used for

The foil catches the hair with its openings, trimming it near the skin and offering a nearby shave.

A foil shaver may be ideal to utilize if:

You are searching for a truly smooth shave, the totally bare on the face look

– You shave each day

– You have moderately fine facial hair

– You need genuine accuracy for example with sideburns

– You need a nearby shave on the cheeks

– You shave in straight lines

You can limit razor consume and skin break out as an issue by following the accompanying as direction:

Use shaving cream

You may have seen that a few shavers are both ‘wet’ and ‘dry’. A ‘wet’ electric shaver doesn’t simply imply that you can utilize it in the shower, it implies that you can utilize a shaving cream. For those of us with touchy skin, the capacity to utilize shaving cream with an electric shaver is a distinct advantage. It’s not bother free, however it will be a boon to the skin all over.

A decent quality shaving cream contains fixings that follow up on the external layer of the hair, called the fingernail skin, making hairs ingest water and swell, making them gentler, greater and a lot simpler for the shaver cutting edges to trim them.

Utilize the best possible system

On the off chance that you are utilizing a foil shaver, at that point you should shave the most delicate territories first, while it is as yet cool and before the shaver warms up a bit. Shave contrary to what would be expected and in straight lines – here and there or left to right.

Try not to endeavor a roundabout movement. Just with a other such as revolving shaver would you be able to shave in round examples over the skin.

After you have got done with Foil shaver shaving

Wash your face with water and utilize a facial cleanser ointment or moisturizer, don’t avoid the post shave treatment. Avoid liquor based post-shaving astringents as they will dry the skin. At that point clean your shaver after each shave, as per the producer’s directions.

Foil shavers have a head that you can fly off effectively, however other such as revolving shavers have turned out to be simpler to clean. Most shavers are delivered with a little cleaning brush that is entirely losable. You can arrange another one by means of our site, or you could utilize a fine paint brush.

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Remember that it will take a long time of shaving for your skin to become accustomed to used to changing to an electric shaver, and this is additionally the situation in the event that you are changing from other such as revolving to thwart and the other way around.

What are the best women’s electric shaver?

What are the best women’s electric shaver?

The electric shaver is most popular in the market which gives the fine and clean shave without the use of any branded shaving cream. It just needs plain water during shaving. They are available in the market as arranged set with a variety of colours and styles.What are the best women’s electric shaver?

In the year of 1928, the first electric shaver is launched by Jacob Schick. There are two types of electric shaver is available in market

  1. Foil Electric Shaver
  2. Oscillating Electric Shaver

The best brands of the Electric shavers applicable for Women’s

The following are the best shavers which are available with the prices from minimum 500Rs to maximum 20,000Rs. –

  1. Care croft
  2. Brite
  3. Hatteker
  4. Maxed
  5. Prosmart

The women buy these electric shavers via online or offline (General Store, medical, Grocery shops). The discount is given on the electric shaver when buy from online sites like as –

  1. Amazon – 40% off
  2. Flipkart – 30% off

The best Electric Shavers for women’s legs

There is variety of the electric shavers in market. But if the women’s want to look beautiful with clean shave of body parts, she should use the some of the following electric shavers –

  1. Panasonic (ES2207P)
  2. Phillips Satinelle Essential (HP6401)
  3. Panasonic Facial hair trimmer (ES2113Pc)
  4. Panasonic Bikini Shaver and trimmer (ES246C)
  5. Panasonic multifunctional wet or dry shaver

About Panasonic (ES2207P)

The advantages of the use of Panasonic (ES2207P) are listed below –

  1. Panasonic (ES2207P) contain the combination of the wet and dry
  2. It is easy to handle without any skill
  3. The charger of this type of the razor is compact in nature

The disadvantages of Panasonic (ES2207P) are –

  1. It took more time for charging nearly about 12hrs
  2. For shaving, it took 25-30minutes

About Phillips Satinelle Essential (HP6401)

The advantages of the use of Phillips Satinelle Essential (HP6401) are listed below

  1. This type of electric shaver is available with a warranty of 2 years
  2. The use of this shaver is not being painful for women
  3. Design is ergonomic in nature

The disadvantages of Phillips Satinelle Essential (HP6401) are –

  1. The work time of shaving is slow as compared to other shavers
  2. For checking the missed hair, there is built-in light

The best lady shaver for pubic area

From review of year 2019, some of the best electric shavers are available for clean shave of women’s pubic area –

  1. Panasonic Close curve (ES2216PC)
  2. Braun Silk- Epil (FG1100)
  3. Philips bikini perfect trimmer (HP6378)

The benefits of the Electric shaver

  1. Shaving is done without any injury on the face or neck of the user
  2. No wetting or lathering required for this of razor
  3. Sensitive skin also able to use this one
  4. It took less time for clean but it is highly rated in the market with the high cost.

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The variety of the electric shavers are available in the market for removing the hair of leg, hand, pubic area and some other body parts of the women. They are costly but it gives the clean shave to look beautiful

What is the best shaver

What is the best shaver

The procedure of Shaving includes removing of hair. This process commonly used by men as well as women for removing hairs on different body parts.What is the best shaver

For shaving purpose, various things can be used by the men named as blades, razor, and other methods.there are types of razors according to their structure. Helps in removing hair with ease.

Shaving methods

Shaving can be done in t of two types of wet shaving or manual shaving and Dry shaving.

1.Wet shaving or manual shaving –

This kind of removing hair can be done by two types of razors such as straight razor or safety razor.

  1. dry shaving –

Dry shaving can be done by electric razor /electric is designed in such manner that when it can be held against the skin the cream poke through little holes and hair can be cut by moving blades.

Various shaving tool

Removing of hair from body part can be nothing but the shaving . for this purpose Various and many types of tool are used. And that tool named as “shaver”.

Shaver can be of any kind.Like In earlier times people used a blade for shaving which method was the traditional one. And in recent times there is another method for shaving uses a razor for removal of hair.

Best Shaver

Shaver is generally the tool or we can say equipment used for removing the hairs on different body parts for smothning of skin and that is named as “shaver”.There are many shavers which are being used by the people for shaving propose like as Crtriedge shaver, electric shaver, injector shaver.

Different types of shaver

  • Cartridge Shaver – this kind of blades have more than one blade, also it includes a lubricating strip of glycol to supplement to already existing agents.
  • Injector Shaver – it has some arrangement that includes injecting of some fluid agent which will poke through holes as it presses against the skin used for softening purpose of skin.
  • Electric Shaver – electric( shaver or razor )made of a proper set of rotating blades.

Electric Shaver

From the above information and some survey, it shows that the most efficient and best razor or shaver is an electric one. As it does not require anything like lubrication oil or soaking agent for softening purpose.

So, Electric shaver or razor consist of special mechanism and has revolving or we can say rotating blades which move according to the application of shaver blade.and also doent not needed some water or soap, cream, etc.

Electric razor further classified into 2 types Foil and rotary. It consists of a small DC motor which then powered by electricity.


  • It requires less time for shaving.
  • It is more efficient to use.
  • It is less time consuming as it easy to use.
  • Easy operation.
  • Faster in operation.
  • Shave very closely as compared to other traditional methods of shaving.
  • More reliable.
  • Less costly.

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Shaving can be done for removing hairs from body parts and various shavers can be used for it is shown that Electric shaver is the most widely used one as it possesses some advantages.

What is the best shaver to buy

What is the best shaver to buy

Some time ago, men wandered into the prescription store for a razor and standard canister of shaving froth to achieve a smooth levelled shaving impact.What is the best shaver to buy

Present scenario:

Later years, the male prepping environment has turned out to be progressed, and another arrangement of shavers has entered the market, transforming it into an object just as basic shaving instrument for the cutting edge men in his everyday life.

Which is best shaver to buy?

An average razor should give a brisk shave. Nevertheless, the most perfectly awesome goes well beyond, offering an adjacent trim notwithstanding beneficial features like a propelled introduction and adaptable head settings.

To find our picks, we directed this list by having suggestions from dermatologists and after that gathered the top razors from respected brands to give them a went for ourselves.

Best for shaving every day and routinely:

  • Braun Series 7-790cc-

The Braun 7-790ccarrangement is planned to deal with the low development of progressive shaves. It offers a close-by trim appreciation to an adjustable turning head that can be dashed at various edges.


  1. Construction quality.
  2. Close shave in single pass.


  1. Slower than other shavers.

Best rotary shavers:

  • Philips Norelco Shaver 9700-

If you ordinarily handle thick stubble, the Philips declines pulling in the hairs.

It won’t shave as eagerly as the Braun Series 9-9290cc, anyway it’s more straightforward for achieving an even trim all through.


  1. Superb experience of shaving.
  2. Display is easy-to-read.
  3. Close an comfortable shave.


  1. Storage case is costly and also does not store attachments of the shavers.

Best Budget Shave:

  • Remington F5-5800-

This razor isn’t as easy to get it clean, and it also offers very less customization options, yet it is priced under $100 and analysers reported a shave equivalent to the Braun.


  1. Very cheap comparatively.
  2. Small in size and easy to handle.
  3. Can adjust according to your face features =.
  4. As it contains a popup trimmer, it can give you a close grooming experience.


  1. Will not work along with a froth.
  2. Does not possess longevity like other shavers in the market.

Here are the absolute best shavers you can purchase either on the web or disconnected:

1)         Best in general shaver machine: Braun Shaver Series 7-790cc.

2)         Best top of the line shaver machine: Braun Series 9-9290CC.

3)         Best turning sharp edge shaver machine: Philips Norelco 9700.

4)         Best thick hair shaver machine: Panasonic Arc5-LV65-S.

5)         Best reasonable shaver machine: Remington F5-5800.

6)         Best expert shaver machine: Andis T-Outliner.

The best shavers for your utilization ought to be browsed the reason:

1)         Shaving solace.

2)         Shaving accommodation.

3)         Ergonomics and plan.

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In this manner the best shaver for your utilization must rely upon the need of an individual and he should mull over every one of the things before purchasing any shaver either disconnected or on the web.

The things considered ought to eliminate cash in light of the fact that the more cash you spend the more advantages the shaver will give you consequently to you.

What is the best rated electric shaver?

What is the best rated electric shaver?

For fine male grooming, the variety of the appliances available with the modern technology. But the electric shaver is the best appliance for fine and clean shave without any cut of the skin.What is the best rated electric shaver?

Instead of using the manual razor, most of the men recommend this electric shaver for comfortable use. It is the worthy choice of the modern man as it is skin-friendly and time saving shaver.

Best rated electric shavers

The best rated electric shavers are listed below –

  1. Philips Norleco 9300
  2. Braun series9 9200CC
  3. Remington F5-5800
  4. Panasonic ES-LV95-s arc 5
  5. Philips Norleco 8900
  6. Panasonic ES8103S arc3
  7. Philips Norleco 2100
  8. Braun series 3 3040S foil shaver
  9. Philips Norleco PQ208/40
  10. Panasonic ES-LA63-S arc4

About Electric shaver

In the year of 1928, the first electric shaver is launched by Jacob Schick. The electric shaver is available in market with two types –

  1. Foil ElectricShaver
  2. Oscillatingelectric Shaver

Rotary electric shaver

This type of the electric shaver is mainly used for the hair which are thick and coarse in nature. These are available at the high range of prices. It can use only two or three times per month. The cleaning is not need in this type of the shaver.


  1. Philips aqua touch shaver
  2. Umanac SH9000 cordless shaver

Foil electric shaver

The foil shaver is mainly used for fine hair means short hairs. This type of the shaver, user can use in daily basis. It is available at reasonable prices in the market. Regular cleaning of the shaver is necessary.

The examples of the foil shaver is listed as below –

  1. Syska SHR626 shaver
  2. Braun series 3 electric shaver

The review of user

The user recommended this shaver for clean shave as they satisfied with the shaving of the electric shaver. So, some of the reviews of the user are listed below –

  • Best for daily shaving
  1. The Braun series9 9200CC shaver is used to tackle the low beard of the everyday shaves
  2. Close trimming is available because of the pivoting head of the shaver
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Easy to maintain
  • Best for weekly shaving
  1. For thick stubble, Philips Norleco 9300 shaver is best to choose.
  2. Even trimming provided by this shaver
  3. Use for shaving after five to six days or weekly
  4. Easily move or twist in critical area of jaw line or neck area
  • Best budget shave
  1. It is not easy to clean but as compared to the above listed 2 shavers, it is available at $100.
  2. So according to the budget, it is the option to choose
  3. It gives smooth and quick shave in less time

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Hence, we get to know that from the top listed or rated of the best electric shavers for men grooming, Philips Norleco 9300, Braun series9 9200CC, Remington F5-5800 are the best rated electric shavers are more recommended by the men of the globe.