What is the best rated electric shaver?

What is the best rated electric shaver?

For fine male grooming, the variety of the appliances available with the modern technology. But the electric shaver is the best appliance for fine and clean shave without any cut of the skin.What is the best rated electric shaver?

Instead of using the manual razor, most of the men recommend this electric shaver for comfortable use. It is the worthy choice of the modern man as it is skin-friendly and time saving shaver.

Best rated electric shavers

The best rated electric shavers are listed below –

  1. Philips Norleco 9300
  2. Braun series9 9200CC
  3. Remington F5-5800
  4. Panasonic ES-LV95-s arc 5
  5. Philips Norleco 8900
  6. Panasonic ES8103S arc3
  7. Philips Norleco 2100
  8. Braun series 3 3040S foil shaver
  9. Philips Norleco PQ208/40
  10. Panasonic ES-LA63-S arc4

About Electric shaver

In the year of 1928, the first electric shaver is launched by Jacob Schick. The electric shaver is available in market with two types –

  1. Foil ElectricShaver
  2. Oscillatingelectric Shaver

Rotary electric shaver

This type of the electric shaver is mainly used for the hair which are thick and coarse in nature. These are available at the high range of prices. It can use only two or three times per month. The cleaning is not need in this type of the shaver.


  1. Philips aqua touch shaver
  2. Umanac SH9000 cordless shaver

Foil electric shaver

The foil shaver is mainly used for fine hair means short hairs. This type of the shaver, user can use in daily basis. It is available at reasonable prices in the market. Regular cleaning of the shaver is necessary.

The examples of the foil shaver is listed as below –

  1. Syska SHR626 shaver
  2. Braun series 3 electric shaver

The review of user

The user recommended this shaver for clean shave as they satisfied with the shaving of the electric shaver. So, some of the reviews of the user are listed below –

  • Best for daily shaving
  1. The Braun series9 9200CC shaver is used to tackle the low beard of the everyday shaves
  2. Close trimming is available because of the pivoting head of the shaver
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Easy to maintain
  • Best for weekly shaving
  1. For thick stubble, Philips Norleco 9300 shaver is best to choose.
  2. Even trimming provided by this shaver
  3. Use for shaving after five to six days or weekly
  4. Easily move or twist in critical area of jaw line or neck area
  • Best budget shave
  1. It is not easy to clean but as compared to the above listed 2 shavers, it is available at $100.
  2. So according to the budget, it is the option to choose
  3. It gives smooth and quick shave in less time

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Hence, we get to know that from the top listed or rated of the best electric shavers for men grooming, Philips Norleco 9300, Braun series9 9200CC, Remington F5-5800 are the best rated electric shavers are more recommended by the men of the globe.