What is the best shaver

What is the best shaver

The procedure of Shaving includes removing of hair. This process commonly used by men as well as women for removing hairs on different body parts.What is the best shaver

For shaving purpose, various things can be used by the men named as blades, razor, and other methods.there are types of razors according to their structure. Helps in removing hair with ease.

Shaving methods

Shaving can be done in t of two types of wet shaving or manual shaving and Dry shaving.

1.Wet shaving or manual shaving –

This kind of removing hair can be done by two types of razors such as straight razor or safety razor.

  1. dry shaving –

Dry shaving can be done by electric razor /electric shaver.it is designed in such manner that when it can be held against the skin the cream poke through little holes and hair can be cut by moving blades.

Various shaving tool

Removing of hair from body part can be nothing but the shaving . for this purpose Various and many types of tool are used. And that tool named as “shaver”.

Shaver can be of any kind.Like In earlier times people used a blade for shaving which method was the traditional one. And in recent times there is another method for shaving uses a razor for removal of hair.

Best Shaver

Shaver is generally the tool or we can say equipment used for removing the hairs on different body parts for smothning of skin and that is named as “shaver”.There are many shavers which are being used by the people for shaving propose like as Crtriedge shaver, electric shaver, injector shaver.

Different types of shaver

  • Cartridge Shaver – this kind of blades have more than one blade, also it includes a lubricating strip of glycol to supplement to already existing agents.
  • Injector Shaver – it has some arrangement that includes injecting of some fluid agent which will poke through holes as it presses against the skin used for softening purpose of skin.
  • Electric Shaver – electric( shaver or razor )made of a proper set of rotating blades.

Electric Shaver

From the above information and some survey, it shows that the most efficient and best razor or shaver is an electric one. As it does not require anything like lubrication oil or soaking agent for softening purpose.

So, Electric shaver or razor consist of special mechanism and has revolving or we can say rotating blades which move according to the application of shaver blade.and also doent not needed some water or soap, cream, etc.

Electric razor further classified into 2 types Foil and rotary. It consists of a small DC motor which then powered by electricity.


  • It requires less time for shaving.
  • It is more efficient to use.
  • It is less time consuming as it easy to use.
  • Easy operation.
  • Faster in operation.
  • Shave very closely as compared to other traditional methods of shaving.
  • More reliable.
  • Less costly.

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Shaving can be done for removing hairs from body parts and various shavers can be used for it.as it is shown that Electric shaver is the most widely used one as it possesses some advantages.